mstockto (mstockto) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Extra cups for sale.

 I just found this group, and I absolutely love it! (Very few people my age that I have talked to have ever even heard of cups, and I think that it is such a great option that more women need to know about.)

So, I bought a couple of mix packs of LadyCups by mistake (I meant to be buying a double pack of small, but I was in a hurry). So, now I have two large cups and nothing to do with them! I would be asking for $20 each + shipping (heck, if shipping isn't that expensive, I'll probably throw it in for free)- just so it isn't a huge loss on my part. If you are interested let me know.

(Also, I ordered a Moon cup off of amazon, thinking it was a mooncup Uk, but it was the one by keeper. I was very sad when it arrived, as I know that this cup is simply too large for me- even though it's a small. I know there is a guaranteed return policy, but I am having a hard time getting the vendor to take it back. If any one has any advise on this? Or if anyone would be interested in buying it for $25 that would be great- I just don't want to keep dealing with the vendor-- so much grief.)

Thanks guys.

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