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Got my first cup! And size question.

Alright, I got my first cup today!  (yay me!!!)  I ordered it from Feminine Wear and would have had it last week if the mailman hadn't kept missing me being home, but I finally got it, cleaned it, played around a bit with folds, and took a dry run.  I could hardly be more thrilled.

So, it's a small MeLuna in blue with the ball stem, and, for those of you who don't know, it is tiny compared other cups.  When I was researching the different brands, I settled on MeLuna because (a) I have a pretty light flow (I'm on hormonal birth control and wasn't all that heavy to begin with) and (b) I have a very slender and very sensitive vagina, though apparently my cervix isn't as low as I thought (I think I've found it...).  After I ordered and was looking around a little more, I began to doubt that I had made the right choice.  I mean, i know I'm small (at least in that dimension), but I'm not a virgin and I'm not that young (well, I'm 20, but I'm not in the teen-still-has-some-growing-to-do category).  Recieving the product dispelled my fears.  While it is small compared to other cups, it still felt like I wouldn't want too put something much wider into my vagina, and when I took it on a dry run it wasn't easy getting even one finger in with it.  I got it to seal the majority of the time, but when I tried the punch-down fold the cup refused to open, and what stirring around the rim I could do didn't help. 

Are these normal newbie troubles, or am I really that small?  Right now, I can only fit two fingers in, and I've found that over the course of my period I tend to get tighter whether or not I'm using tampons (and if I'm using them the majority of the time by the end of it I can't even use those).

Edit:  Alright, on trying again with a little fussing I was able to get the punch-down to open, but so far it looks like the 7 and triangle folds are working best and easiest.

Tags: dry run, meluna, sizes/size issues

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