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Large Meluna

I hope I got the cut right, I tried to do it before but couldn't... I used photobucket html. But anyway...

Frank from Meluna offered to donate a large to me, and I said yes (thank you so much Frank, very kind and generous of you! :) ). Got the package today, and it was quite a nice suprise! There were 6 cups instead of 1. So I figured I would post the pictures here, because among them were 2 of their new larges. The larges are cool, the ring stem is VERY roomy, I can easily get a finger in the loop. Very well defined rims. In this package was:

* 2 larges (orange, 1 ball stem, 1 ring stem)
* 2 mediums (1 clear no stem, 1 red ball stem)
* 2 smalls (1 blue ring stem, 1 black regular/solid stem)

EDIT:   Measurements are down in one of my comments.  I'll take better pictures for the review page and all later, when I get a chance. May add an extra video for comparison too, not sure yet.... But it would appear that the medium's rim is actually a hair wider than the large.  So large is large, mostly because its longer.  The black is just awesome-- opaque, not see-through at all. And the no-stem cup is great, it has some little grip rings at the base.

Meluna cup menstrual cups
Meluna cup menstrual cups
Meluna cup menstrual cups
Meluna cup menstrual cups

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