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Thanks everyone!

Aside from a brief stint with Instead cups in college I had never thought of using menstrual cups for my cycle.  My eyes were opened when I read about the Diva Cup on a Weight Watchers message board.  Unlike a lot of the other posters, who had never even tried the cup, I was more fascinated than grossed out and decided then that it was something I wanted to try.  Although lessening my impact on the environment is a plus, I was really looking at it from a financial and convenience standpoint.

Well, last week I went down to Whole Foods and purchased my Diva Cup.  I tried it out but couldn't quite figure out why it didn't feel right.  Thank goodness I found this forum!  You all have helped me so much.  I've used the cup this entire cycle and have not touched a pad or tampon.  It's great!  I wouldn't have been able to do it without all of the tips and advice offered here.  You ladies are truly wonderful.

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