Mallory (mallory_x) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small LilacCup for sale and 15% discount code

Hi guys!

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for all the advice and encouragement available in this community. I've never needed to actually post here, because the tags are so comprehensive that all my questions have already been answered somewhere.

I bought myself a pack of 2 LilacCups from the eBay shop a few months back, because I wasn't 100% sure what size I needed. I was right first time though, so I've never actually needed to try out the small LilacCup in the pack.

So, I have one small LilacCup, unused, still in the packet (which has been opened because they come in one large pack), complete with cloth bag, instructions and the little sticker that they send you. It's been out of the little bag once for me to compare the sizes, and that's it.

I'm asking £10 plus postage (approx. £1.75 to UK, £2.00 to US), which is still less than half the amount I paid. Either comment here with your email address or send me a message through LJ, and I'll send you my PayPal address.

I also have the 15% discount code that LadyCup include, which I think can only be used once. I'm not sure if it works on the eBay shop though. Again, comment or send me a message.

First come, first served, on cup and code!
Tags: coloured lady cups, lady cup, where to buy

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