kypovan (kypovan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help me find a menstrual cup that will work!

My first cup was a size 2 Diva Cup. I had some problems with it. The stem would always push to my left and pinch me. So, I trimmed the stem. It's now gone. Some days it would stay in good, some days it wouldn't. I could never get it to turn. But, always it would start to fall out. So, I ordered a Lunette. I have the same problems. I want to use a cup so badly, but it's just not working for me.

I don't know if this relates, but tell me what you think. When I gave birth, I had a vaginal and labia tear. I am completely healed, but I still ache from time to time (it's been 19 months). I tore on my left side. Is this possibly what's causing me the pain?

But, why are they always pushing to the side? How do I get the to stop leaking? How can I better get them to fit? There are a lot of new cups out there now (to me, anyway). Would a different cup be better for me? I've tried turning them inside out.

I'm in the US, so I read I can't get the moon cup. What about the MiaCup, MeLuna, Femmecup, LadyCup, Yuuki, Fleurcup, or MPower?

I'd love some help, so I can find one that would work for me and place an order from Femininewear.

Tags: buying decisions, postpartum

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