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size help?

I need some help making a buying decision.
I've been using a small BlueCup for 4 months now and am considering trying out a Fleurcup or a MeLuna with a loop (loop because my cervix sits high and I've had some trouble gripping the cup, and the stem proved to be slippery too). However, I'm unsure about the size. On the heavier days I have to empty the cup every few hours and I've experienced some leakage either through the holes when it's full or when squatting etc (maybe it's too squishy?), so I'd like a cup that's more convenient for these days. On the following days my period gets much lighter and the small Bluecup works fine. I'm 25, no children, thin figure and I would consider my vagina more narrow than wide, when I still used tampons I only used light or regular, that's why I chose the small BlueCup.
I've looked at the cup size chart and it seems like even the small Fleurcup can hold a lot more than the small Ladycup, and then the MeLuna even has 3 different sizes so I'm just.. indecisive. plus, I'm unsure about insertion and removal of a larger cup, I've had trouble with the small Bluecup, I couldn't insert it without lube the first time I used it (getting more comfortable with different folds makes it possible without by now though), and removing can be a bit uncomfortable when it gets towards the pelvic floor, I'm worried that a large cup might be even worse.
I can't afford buying cup after cup until I found the perfect fit (although that thought is very tempting! they're addicting, aren't they?), my budget isn't that big so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, coloured lady cups, fleurcup, leakage & spotting, meluna, sizes/size issues
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