sarahmn (sarahmn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

DivaCup #2

I have had my DivaCup for a couple years now and have used it with success however I had an IUD and very light periods. Now that my IUD is gone I'm back to regular, heavy periods for me. I was on the pill for years before. I leaked multiple times this last period and Have read the board looking for ideas. I am long and believe a larger size cup is better for me no pregnancy or childbirth but over 30. The cup wasn't full when it leaked and I think I get a good seal using the C fold but when I run my finger over the divaCup when I feel that I have a good fit I feel an indentation, not completely round or smooth making me think it hasn't opened all the way. I ordered a LadyCup in large to see if this is a better fit. Any other ideas on fit would be appreciated. The cup tends to ride higher over time, I womder if a smaller cup would be better?
Tags: divacup, lady cup, leakage & spotting

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