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I use a cup everyday for what I've considered heavy discharge for a long time.  I was not using cups at my last annual exam, nor had had any sexual partner for over a year.  After last year's exam it was determined I had an "abnormal" pap smear, but it was probably okay.  So this year I go in, and as per usual, she asks if I had abnornal bleeding, pain, discharge...yada-yada.  I have always considered my heavy discharge normal, as it seems to have been that way since aldolecence, so I say no.  After the exam the doctor went to look at one of the slides under the microscope.  She came back in and said I have Bacterial Vaginosis, and that is why I have such heavy discharge, and what caused my last abnormal pap.  She said it was common for those with this problem to complain of always having to wear a pantyliner (or my case a cup) because it's so heavy, and prescribed an antibiotic.  But what I also found interesting is I don't fit any of the suspected risks.  So if someone else has been going through the same thing, ask at your next pap.  Even if you don't fit the causes!

***UPDATE 10/04/09***

After finishing off all the antibiotics, I sure enough ended up with a yeast infection.  The first I've ever had in my life.  :(  Even worse, it was the guy I was having sex with that informed me afterwards of my condition.  Also, after he had his mouth down there even.  :((
Tags: continuous use, disabilities & health problems, yeast infections

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