2-digit newborn weights and 1-digit pants sizes (so_there) wrote in menstrual_cups,
2-digit newborn weights and 1-digit pants sizes

ok, how many of you have tried trimming the stem of your diva cup shorter while it was inserted?

sorry, I'm reading the instruction manual here. they really have to write that in there? not to, I mean. and don't flush down the toilet? really? I sure wouldn't spend $35 on something disposable, I don't know about you...

that said. I'm the one who posted thursday morning, saying I was getting my cup on sunday and was expecting my period any time between those two days... I got it thursday evening. so I didnt' get to try my cup for my heavier days, but I did get to try it yesterday and everything went well. I can't even feel it in, so I won't have to trim the stem (inside me or out of me, lol) had no trouble inserting it, didn't leak, etc. I took it out for the night because by the 4th night I never have much coming out anyway, so I figured I'd rather air out and use a (cute, cloth, light blue with pink and green cutesy elephants on it) pad instead. what I do today I guess will depend on how much is coming out.
Tags: divacup, first time use, success stories

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