2000justme (2000justme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

keeper mooncup

I bought a keeper mooncup and have been able to insert it. The problem is that it creates such a strong suction that removing it is nearly impossible. Even squeezing the base or trying to put a finger in the top of the cup doesn't seem to work. Is it possible that I am inserting it too far up? I saw a post here that said they only insert the rim and then push the cup the rest of the way up. I have been inserting the whole cup but leaving the stem out. Is that too far?
I am also considering trying another brand, one that would have suction that isn't so strong and I'm open to comparisons. I'm thinking about perhaps a divacup.
But my main question is: am I inserting the cup too far and that is why I'm having removal problems?
Tags: keeper moon cup, removal - painful or problems

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