froggy81385 (froggy81385) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thinking about getting a cup... (problem and questions)

Hi I have used the instead cup for my last 2 periods and I dont really care for them. I actually didnt know of any others until today when I found this site. So I have some questions. Well, my first big concern is with the instead... I put one in and was bleeding kind of heavy and i took it out a couple hours later and there was flow in it and when i wiped there was nothing. I didnt put anything in and waited a couple hours, went to the bathroom and still nothing... Im nervous that maybe somehow the cup did something to my cervix to block it up or something because it always hits my cervix when i take it out (this sounds dumb but i dont know much about this). Next question... how do the other cups sit in the vagina? The instead goes all the way around the cervix and i dont think that is possible with the other cups. Plus the instead cup was comfortable for a couple days but then i would start noticing it there and that is REALLY annoying!  I am just wondering where it sits, how far up it goes, where the stem sits.. and i dont care if it is graphic! I'm really interested but kind of nervous since i have been reading about the problems people have been having. thank you so much for your time :)

also what are the little holes for in the cup?
Tags: buying decisions, instead

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