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Hosting a workshop!

Hi Ladies,

My school is running a kickoff week for the 350 campaign (if you don't know what this is, please head over to www.350.org and find out more details!) Essentially, this means doing a bunch of fun workshops, bringing in guest lecturers and musical acts to get everyone excited for environmental activism and change! I know that most women at my college are not aware of alternative menstrual products, so I suggested that we have a workshop, where I'll talk about cloth pads, sea sponges and menstrual cups. I'm really excited to run it, but was wondering if there were any pieces of info you would have wanted to know when you were making your decision to switch to cups? Any down sides you can think of? Your favorite things? Tips? Anything at all to spread the word!

Thank you all so much! After all, you helped me convert :) I figured I would share the cup love!
Tags: activism, environmental impact
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