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I have a Master's in History & a Union card

A question of timing

I searched through the YI tag, but the one post on my question had scant answers.  I started a three day treatment and oral probiotics for a YI.  I finish on Monday night.  I'm spotting, so liners have been used.  But the big day is coming later in the week.  On to the questions:

1.  When would it be safe to use a cup in terms of not reinfecting.  I figure two or three days is good, but should I wait longer?  I would rather not use pads because I have become a bit unpredictable in terms of flow and my schedule does not allow for many trips to bathroom to change a pad.  But I can deal if I have to.

2.  How long should I wait for the medication to leak out/be absorbed so I do not have to worry about damage to the cup? 

I am all over H2O2, boiling, TTO, etc. for cleaning cups/pads.

Thanks in advance.  You always have great advice and help.
Tags: yeast infections
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