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Videos, Reviews and Photos (Miacup, Mpower, Meluna)

Hey ladies, I just received my FeminineWear package in the mail, containing Miacup, Mpower, and Meluna-- Thank you Teresa!  So I posted some videos about them on YouTube, and wrote some WordPress blog reviews with LOTS of pictures.  Just wanted to post the links to all of them here for everyone.  Hopefully it will help with buying decisions and such:

YouTube Video:
WordPress Review with pictures:

YouTube Video:
WordPress Review with pictures:

YouTube Video:
WordPress Review with pictures: 
EDIT  UPDATE:   Also, I got a coupon code with my Miacup, and I thought I would share it with who ever needs the discount.  Its for 5% off the total cost of any order placed at .  Here is the code for anyone who's interested:


Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, diagrams & pictures, meluna, miacup, mpowercup

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