palatal_glide (palatal_glide) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Septate hymen + menstrual cup

Before I started using a menstrual cup and was only considering the possiblity, I was worried it wouldn't work, because I have a septate hymen (about which there is relatively scant information on the Internet. Pretty much it's just a bit of skin that cuts across the opening, so it's like there're two openings even though there's really only one). I was searching everywhere to see if anyone with a septate hymen had used menstrual cups. And now an established cup user, I thought it would be fair to let the Internet know that it works for me, in case anyone has the same concerns. Of course, everyone's different, so my experience can't be a general statement, but at the very least, having a septate hymen doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible to use a cup. :) Btw, I use DivaCup, in case that's relevant.

Edit: Whoa, who added the "disabilities & health problems" tag? Not cool.

Tags: disabilities & health problems, divacup, hymen, insertion

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