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A little advice, please

I've been watching this community for a few months now, gathering information until I finally decided that I did want to try a cup and I wanted to try the Lunette. Living in the US, it is very difficult to get one, but thanks to a helpful link by one of the members, I ordered one from a store that was willing to ship to the US. (Yes, I know it was not the cheapest way to go, but all the info I gathered said that this would probably be the cup for me, so I figured why not? I'll use it for at least a few years, anyway!)

Fast forward to yesterday, my small Lunette came in the mail! I was so excited that I got ready to try a "dry run" right away. I was very disappointed when I couldn't get it in no matter how much I relaxed. The instructions only showed the "C" fold, and it was too big for me. So this morning, I started scouring this community again, and came upon a link to a great video showing lots of different folds, as well as a whole lot of posts with other good advice about relaxing and understanding how you're put together "down there." I was feeling hopeful, and went for another try, testing out several different folds. It never went in all the way, but it was actually going in some, so I was reassured but stopped because I didn't want to irritate anything too much.

Then tonight, I tried the "Double 7" fold a couple times again, and the last time it went in! ...but I don't think it was quite right. It was sitting very low, the bottom of the cup was at the opening of the vagina. I also don't think it opened. It seemed like it was pressing unequally on my insides, but I couldn't get a finger up beside it to check. I'm a virgin, and a small person all around (though I think my canal may be long, because I haven't been able to touch my cervix...though I have only tried a couple times). The second problem was removal. Again, it was hard to get a grip on the base of the cup because I couldn't get my fingers very far up. I pinched it a little, and heard some suction release, but then when I finally pulled it out, it hurt pretty bad. I know it will be easier when I am actually menstruating, but should it be easier/less painful to remove?

So, I guess what I'm asking is:
Is it normal/alright for the bottom of cup to sit that low?
What are some tips for checking the seal that don't involve running your finger up beside the cup?
Do you have any tips to make removal less painful?

I will go looking through the other posts for some answers too, but any you could give would be much appreciated.
Tags: dry run, first time use, lunette, popping open, removal

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