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 Sooo I got my Diva in the mail on Friday (I think) while I was down south (Pomona) with my son for surgery. I got all giddy last night when I got home, like I just held it (the box itself). Today I started cramping, which is an indication it's about my period time in around 4 days. I thought "time for a dry run". I fumbled around with folds and positions a couple times. Insert and reinsert because it went in wrong each time. Either it was too low, angled high, or a combo and wouldn't open. I got it and decided to see what it was like for a while. I can't gauge on how it'll hold with my period, and fluid and how I'll manage, but I'm sure I will. As for now, it's awesome. I know it's in correctly, I can feel it but it's not uncomfortable, more like "secured". So yeah, just thought I'd share my giddy celebration and excitement. Now I get it when I've seen the references of some women not waiting to get their period.  

ETA: I took it out. It moved higher, took a while with bearing down and grabbing the stem to pull on and pinch the bottom. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. And this could be really silly since I know I should be starting soon, but maybe not, so I'll ask. I saw a little bit of blood, and something else, sorta yellowy rose tint, I'm assuming mixed with the blood. Is this something I just dunno, or bad or what? Do I need to make a doctors appointment or so mething, is what I'm asking....and should I wait to try the Diva til afterwards??

Tags: divacup, dry run
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