Charlotte (charlotteamos) wrote in menstrual_cups,

deciding on a cup

i have never used a menstrual cup, and would like to start since i have heard so many great things about using them.

i am just completely lost on which cup i should get. i only began properly researching cups a few months ago and i was going to get a moon cup uk, because i was under the impression it was the only one i could get hold of easily within the uk.
tonight i searched on ebay for menstrual cups and a ton of different cup brands came up and now the problem is i dont know which one to choose. ive read so many reviews on here too, and my indecision is just getting worse.
im 24, i havent had any children, my periods are extremely heavy and my cervix is high during my period (or at least i cant reach it with my finger). im concerned about leakage, especially during the night. im very familiar with my vagina (ha)... if it took a bit of effort to get the cup back out the first few times i wouldnt start panicking or anything like that.

on ebay uk the cups that are available are moon cup uk, diva cups, femme cups (i read that they dont hold much though?), ladycups and lunette cups. which would be the best for me? i am leaning towards the size 2 lunette cup, but im hesitant and would like someone to show me the way! i dont have a lot of money to spare at the moment, so i cant afford to purchase a lot of cups to find the "right one", sadly.

thanks in advance for any help you can give me
Tags: buying decisions

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