Chin up, dollface (fiftiesjunkie) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Chin up, dollface

MeLuna and Ladycup

Hello ladies!
I just wanted to introduce myself real quickly, and ask if you guys maybe had some tips for me. I'm almost 20, and (maybe obviously) have never given birth. I have been having sex for a couple of years, and have been on birth control from when I was about 15 'till I was 18, when I switched to the NuvaRing. I've been wanting to order a cup for a while but kept postponing it. Last week I ordered a meluna in S (with a ring instead of a stem), and a ladycup in the smaller size. I have since tried both (I'm still having my period), and both are not really perfect for me.
The MeLuna seems too small, in both width and capacity. It hasn't moved while inserted, as far as I could tell, which is a pro. But I can't wear it during the night because it leaks, simply because it's too small to last the +/- 9 hours I sleep. It's pretty easy to insert and remove, even though it sits very low. Though I think that's got nothing to do with the cup, my cervix sits very very low during my period too.
The LadyCup I just received today, so I haven't slept with it in yet. I chopped off the whole stem, because, sitting so low, it kept poking me constantly. Even now the stub pokes me a little sometimes, any way to get it a little softer? It's a lot easier to fold than the MeLuna, but also seems to shift more while inserted, it tilts a little. I'm not sure if I should be bothered by this, I'll keep wearing it until tomorrow and we'll see what happens, haha. I'm not sure if this will hold more blood during the night, since it is 5mm longer than the MeLuna but the airholes also sit a lot lower.

Anyhow, using a cup has not yet been a perfect experience for me, but also not much worse than using a tampon. I haven't had any leaks apart from the aforementioned leaking during the night. I did however have extreme cramps yesterday, the first night and day I used the MeLuna; though I don't think it has much to do with suction, since it seems to have quite little being so small. It could just be a random horrible period, haha. It's been better today, even though I also wore the MeLuna for the night and until about 3pm.
I'm thinking about ordering a MeLuna in M, for the mere €12 it's not that much of a loss if it turns out to be too big.

/blabla long story! Any things I can try to make it more comfortable / make the cup sit a little higher? I use the origami fold, the others (C and punch down) didn't seem to open that easily and this was nice and compact to insert.
Tags: first time use, lady cup, meluna, nuvaring, sizes/size issues

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