mom2two83 (mom2two83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

MeLuna 2nd try

So I gave it a second try this cycle. Last cycle I started cramping within seconds of insertion and it did not ease and when I went to remove it I thought my uterus was going to come out my cervix from the suction.

Well I tried it on my last day of my period so it was very light.

Was a bit difficult to hold it ina punch down fold. Once inserted I lost my grip a few tims and it poped open. So I just inserted it quickly LOL it poped open and I got the sinking feeling but no cramps at all. I guess the rim being a bit more stiffer than the LC small I felt the cup in place but after about an hour or two forgot it was there.

Seems that the medium meluna holds a tad pit more than the lady cup. In the 8 hours I wore the me luna it was barely 1/4 full.

was not that bad at all. I pinched  the bottom of the cup while holding the ring I felt the suction break and shimmied it out.

Im Glad I gave it another try and did cancel it out completly. Good to have as an emergency cup.
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