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Fleurcup VS MoonCup UK (and diva and ladycup)

I recently ordered a fleurcup. dont get me wrong, i LOVE my MCUK and would recommend it to anyone. However, recently i have been plagued with heavy periods and needed something that could keep up. I decided on the Fleurcup because of its stiffness (i tried the lady cup and HATED it), it's capacity (large fleurcup is among the biggest capacity-wise), and the fact it comes in black and won't look all stained (even though i do "whiten" my cups with hydrogen peroxide at the end of my period). ANYWHO... onto the comparisons!

First let me say that i have tried the small diva, large mcuk, large ladycup, and large fleurcup (in that order) over the past few years.


the fleurcup is a fairly stiff cup. unlike the mooncup (whose stiffness is mainly in the bottom and rim), the fleurcup is stiff overall. while this holding the cup in a folded position slightly difficult, it makes popping open a breeze! I like stiffness so this gets points in my book.


Pretty darn easy, however not as easy as the mcuk. i sum this up to two things: 1) difficulty in holding it in a folded position (i find myself stuffing this cup into myself before it opens. not a big deal but perhaps could scare off new users). 2) lack of reinforced bottom (as found in the MCUK). as i push on the bottom of the cup to slide it in further, my finger dents the cup. With the MCUK, this doesn't happen.


AMAZING! this sucker holds 29 mL! twice that of my large MCUK. HUGE points in my book!!!!


Really easy. i never have to bear down like i do with my MCUK. this is because the fleurcup is a bit longer than the mcuk (but not as long as the diva, thank goodness).


Love the placement (under the rim) and size (similar to mcuk). Hate that they are unevenly spaced (two holes next to each other on one side of the cup, two holds next to each other on the other side of the cup) and the fact that they are diagnol instead of straight.


I like the black. seems to clean up nicely. There are no markings and the inside AND outside surface is smooth. I did notice a seam from manufacturing down both sides of the cup. It is very faint and the cup is still quite sturdy, but its just the fact that it's there. my other cups dont have this!


Great purchase! I love this cup.

1.mcuk and fleurcup side by side

2.fleurcup closeup. sidenote/that's a water drop and fuzzies from a towel on the cup as i did a half ass job washing and drying it just before taking this picture. also, you can see the seam i was talking about.

3.mcuk and fleurcup rim to rim. same diameter.

*embedding didn't work! sorry*
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