ephelba (ephelba) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Urine IN the cup

Wondering if anyone else has found urine IN their cup when they go to empty it...
I'm a mother of three, two of the kiddos were almost 10 lbs, so I've got plenty of room in there.  I have had no troubles inserting, peeing or removing the diva cup 2.  I was worried it would leak, since there's so much room, but haven't had any problems there.  I have been Disturbed to find urine in the cup when I empty it.  If the urine can get in, why isn't the blood leaking out? Why is the urine getting in? And eeeeewww! It seems to help if I lean so far forward that my hinnie is in the air and the urine stream doesn't have a chance to touch me, but this strikes me as straight up silly.  
Am I doing something wrong? Can I do something else to solve this problem?

I looked for info under the "urination" tag, but it seemed to be full of questions about not being able to pee... sorry if I'm asking a question that's been answered elsewhere:)

Tags: urination

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