mpbowers (mpbowers) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The saga continues

Ok, so I wore my lunette for about 3 hours with out any problems. I went to take a shower and take it out. Well, apparently I trimmed the stem too much as it was much harder to get out. I did it in another minute. It was a bit painful to remove while pinching the bottom. When I looked at it I thought well, there's not much in there. I then looked down at the toilet and there was mucho blood down there and when I wiped. I guess it splattered on my legs too. I was getting in the shower remember afterwards. I cleaned the cup and what I could of me. I still seemed to be bleeding pretty heavily (uggghhh). So, I got in the shower and cleaned up. I then decided that if it would take me this long to get cleaned up then I would just use a tampon. I did but still had residual blood issues with that which usually ends when I change it the next time. It was weird. I didn't bleed heavy into my tampon either. I finally felt clean this morning and decided I didn't have time to clean all that in the day with work. I don't trust it yet. I need to be home for a day or so with it. I figured next time I could get into the shower and do it but for now with a broken toe squatting in the shower is a no go.

How do you ladies do this with out a flood of blood after you take the cup out and get cleaned up enough once it's reinsterted? I can't sweep a finger around the cup especially around the side of my pubic bone. I got this to feel cleaner!!

Apparently the cup sealed easily though as there was no leaking while inserted even after a good BM. I was elated over that!!!

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