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Cleaning MeLuna

I went to Meluna’s English website, because I was curious about what they suggest for cleaning, with the different material they use (TPE).  But when I clicked on FAQ, it was still in German.  I'm not sure if its my browser, or if I just goofed up, or what...  But when you use a “translator”, the grammar and sentence structure gets a bit twisted, and some parts are difficult to make sense of.  So I wanted to post my translation of their cleaning tips here for anyone who is thinking of getting this cup (or has it). 


Cleaning Meluna:

The MeLuna can easily be disinfected by boiling on the stove at 135 ° C, or boiled in a water bath in the microwave. It can withstand 1-2 minutes in a boiling water bath.  Make sure there is enough water in the pot/container so that MeLuna floats.  It should not  touch the bottom.

Another way of disinfecting is with commercially available disinfectants, like hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), or chlorinated water (bleach). Dilute these with water, at 12%.  With any such use, the MeLuna must be rinsed thoroughly before re-insertion, however, so that no leftover residue will attack the vaginal mucus.

During use with Meluna, clean by rinsing with water, or by using “Intimseife” (ph 3.5). 

Cleaning summery:

*  In boiling water, Meluna takes 1-2 minutes to achieve the necessary degree of sterilization.

*  You can also use hot salt water → see the above tip.

*  Meluna has a good resistance with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution of up to 12 %.

*  You can use hot or cold water and vinegar in a 3% concentration.  The plastic used for the MeLuna (TPE) is resistant to this.

*  Cleaning in the microwave is safe (submerged in a water bath, to prevent damage).  There are also containers you can use with Meluna for microwave sterilization, made of  PP (polypropylene) with a hinged lid. The lid is ventilated for escaping steam.  The container holds 300ml and can be ordered in the shop.  PP is very well suited for the microwave, almost all microwaveable plastic containers are manufactured from it.

Can Anything Harm my Meluna?

The only thing that makes the plastic of the MeLuna prematurely brittle, are UV rays.  With proper care and normal storage (in the storage pouch it comes with), there is nothing to fear.

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