jezzie_d (jezzie_d) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Gotta Love The Post Office

So I received a card in my mail telling me I had a registered post parcel to pick up.  I scratched my head and wondered what on earth it could be since I hadn't ordered anything recently.  Down to the post office I went and handed my card over, all the while saying to the ladies I had no idea what it could be!  Then they put the small parcel on the counter.  I stare at it puzzled.  They continue to process a parcel I was sending, oblivious to my intrigue.  Suddenly I feel a niggle in my memory.  This parcel looks very similar to one I received in the past.  "I wonder...where is it from?"  I say, wondering if it could be what I'm thinking it is.  One of the ladies looks at me and grins then leans forward and in a whisper says to me "It's a sanitary product if that helps".  I can't help myself, I burst out laughing at the 'hush-hushness' of these 2 lovely ladies.  I loudly announce "It's a LadyCup! You know a menstrual cup!  I already have one and forgot I put myself down to trial the new design!"  The ladies stand there shocked and hand me my change, I walk out of the post office grinning like a fool,slightly blushing at my loud announcement and wondering if those ladies thought I was crazy.  I love the post office but never again will I ask what the package is!

On a side note, for those interested the cup appears to be the same as my original LilacCup in shape and softness.  I'm at uni so I can't compare yet or post pics.  It was a clear cup and came in a red and white polka dot bag - gorgeous! - It was not in plastic and didn't have any docs with it.  Just the cup in the cotton bag in the post bag.  Me thinks I shall give it a good boil before use.  Now I just have to decide if I keep it for myself or ask my sister if she'd like to try it (despite her being grossed out in the past at the idea of cups!).
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