fee_parisienne (fee_parisienne) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Group Femininewear order

Hello! I'm planning to place an order to femininewear.co.uk at the end of this month. I live in the U.S., but a member of this community (schmoomom) has kindly offered to receive the package and send the contents on to my home address.

Would anyone else like to order something at the same time? When I messaged schmoomom, she said she'd be happy to send things on to multiple people. Since she lives in the UK, there will be no shipping charges to get cups to her house, but there will still be some shipping costs to get them from her house to yours.

If you'd like to order something, leave a comment or send me a message telling me what you'd like and what e-mail address I should use to send a Paypal invoice. You could also e-mail me at daimonqueen9@yahoo.com.

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