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Sorry to post again, but...

I posted on here about a year ago, asking about cups. I'm a 15 year old virgin. I've had my period about 3 years, and have always used tampons (super plus a lot of the time). I was set on a lunette, but now it seams like it's impossible to get them in the US. My next options were a small diva (cheaper, holds more), ladycup small or maybe large (because of smaller size and cool colors) or maybe a mooncup US (i would want UK, but that's not possible because i live in the US). I have a pretty heavy flow (I've gone through a super and 3 super plus tampons since i woke up around 7, it's 9 now, so i guess that's about a super plus tampon ever 3 hours and 45 minutes. IDK, just an example. I can fit 2, sometimes 3 fingers. I think my cervix is low-ish, but i have nothing to compare it to. I know i can touch it close to my period, i'm not sure about other times. Which of those cups (or other cups) would you suggest for me?

Also, I'm still a bit worried about asking my mom. I think she might freak out about it, even though she lets me use tampons, probably because it's more "hands on." I feel like she would be a bit old fashioned about it. How would you suggest approaching her about it?I know I can say things like it saves money and no known risk of TSS. I would also offer to pay for it. Does anyone know how to convince an older mother about this kind of thing?
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