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I have had these cups for a year or so and keep trying them and with the slightest pain towards the end of insertion have pulled out scared. I started spotting on Sunday and thought crap there is a football game on Saturday and I don't want to be on my period. I have been psyching myself up to try the cup again this time. I haven't started bleeding as of yet so I thought why not tonight!! It'll be tomorrow that I probably start for real. I tried my little lunette selene (either this or the little ladycup of which I have both) I did the punch down and it was painful towards the bottom again. I thought ugghhh this isn't going to work and pulled it out. I worked myself up to it again and refolded several different ways but only could get the punch down to stay. I inserted and just kept going towards my tailbone. Guess what!!! It got better and went all the way in easily!!! Yay. I felt around and am pretty sure it opened but not sure. I could probably even push it up further but am scared that it'll go too far. It's in me now and I only feel the stem which I half trimmed and obviously need to trim so me more as it's poking me more and more. I don't think I'm going to have to worry about getting it out as it's right there as I'm short. The stem definitely needs some trimming. But had to share!!!!!

Added: I just took it out with out problem when birthed. Don't know if I could have done with out ridges. I trimmmed the stem. No poking and guess what? I started. There was blood on the outside of the cup. I don't know if it didn't open or what. I couldn't feel on the side of my pubic bone. We'll see what happens later when I take it out. I know that I'm going to have splatter so I need to take it slower. No lube needed either!! Still sore from the whole experience.
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