staceyalberta (staceyalberta) wrote in menstrual_cups,

what am i missing?

i had posted last week that i wanted to buy a ladycup & very quickly i was pointed in the direction of ebay.  which in theory is GREAT...thanks everyone!!! my only problem is I CAN'T FIND WHAT I  i don't want to spend more than $25 on a cup & i found one auction the other day which i lost :( but hey that's life right?  i thought o.k. i'll just try another auction well since yesterday all i can find are the 'buy it now' stores that are charging $38 to $45 per cup.  i just can't afford that at the moment.  when i search for menstrual cups on ebay again only brings up all the 'buy it now' sales none of the auction only ones.  what am i doing wrong?  i feel like i'm missing 

i would also consider the meluna cup so if anyone has any good tips on where to get that please let me know.  keep in mind i am in canada.

thanks everyone for listening.  i'm getting a little annoyed trying to find what i
Tags: buying decisions, lady cup, meluna

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