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Pictures of Lunette and MeLuna

I posted about the Melunas I got a while back and then promptly forgot to check the post. Some people asked for pics and measurements, so here you go. I got a little carried away, there's a lot of pictures here.

I'm starting to get along with the medium MeLuna as well, even though it's very stiff and the ball is slippery. I can remove it when I bear down and sit on the toilet, which I can't do with the small one. I guess both have their advantages. I'm a little disappointed all my cups ride very high which makes taking them out a hassle, but I guess I'm used to that already.

Capacity up to the holes: 9 ml for the small one, 13 ml for the medium.
Capacity up to the rim: 12 ml for the small one, 17 for the medium
Inside diameter: 30 mm for the small one, 35 for the medium.

The Lunette is the large one, obviously.

Family portrait

As I said, the ring stretches

Hide and seek

Well, it's a little bit larger than a thimble, but not much!

The little one folded as punchdown

The medium one in punchdown. It's really difficult to get it folded small because of the thick rim.

C-fold comparisons (the MeLunas, especially the medium one, are much more difficult to keep folded than the Lunette. The small one is so small folding is difficult, and the medium one is very stiff.)

The origami fold (at least I hope this is it) wouldn't work on the medium one.

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