sedjemai (sedjeminepu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Oooh, Intro!

Hi! I just joined the community and decided I needed to introduce myself. I couldn't find the exact specific questions I do have sooo here goes nothin. I recently accidently came up on the DivaCup website. I saw other alternatives as well similar to it and was fasinated that A) so many women who stuck to it eventually loved it and B) there's an alternative to the present yuckiness I deal with with the  usual throw away items. It's also attractive that switching to a cup may help financially, which equals awesome in my book. I have not purchased any menstral cup of any sort yet, however, so here goes: What brand do you use in general, which is best, which is economically better without diminishing it's ability to be a good product. because let's face it, sometimes paying a lil more is better with some things. If there are any ladies out there with a heavy flow like myself, how do you get around this? While cleaning the cup out every hour or so works...I'm not convident. I have to backup my tampons usually. It's horrible, any suggestions when making purchases or even in general would be awesome. Pros and cons, if any, would also be nice to hear. Outside of money being saved and feeling cleaner, if any. Let me see, I think that's it for now. I had others but they've presently slipped my mind. Real quick, I have 2 children, daughter is 6 and my son is 2. *waves* If I missed anything...ask me and I look forward to this community and being involved. 
Tags: buying decisions

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