stare_atthesky (stare_atthesky) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I've been a happy cup user for about a year now, and mostly have had no problems with my large Lunette, but I have 2 questions:

(1) I have been thinking of getting a back-up cup for a little while now. I live in the US, so getting a second Lunette isn't really an option at the moment, (plus I think it would be fun to get one of those cute colored ones I keep hearing about!). I was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies have any recommendations. At first I was thinking that I would want with at least as high a capacity as what I currently have (I have a very heavy flow), which I am still currently considering, but am also considering getting one that is smaller, and more suitable for use on my lighter days. But if I'm using one that is on the larger end of things and then got a smaller one, is it likely that I'd still be able to use it and be relatively leak-free? I've been looking at the MeLunas, but they just look so small in comparison to my Lunette, and according to their website, their large size isn't out yet. So if anyone who uses different cups on a regular basis has any insight as to whether size matters for a second cup, I'd much appreciate it!

(2) During activity that involves a lot of up-and down motion, I sometimes notice my cup seems to "slip down" and becomes uncomfortable. For example, on one occasion, I was in a kickboxing class and noticed this, so went to the bathroom to check my cup, thinking that the reason might be that it was full (it wasn't) so I reinserted, made sure that it was properly opened and situated, and returned to class, but almost immediately noticed the same thing starting to happen. Does anyone know why/how this might happen, assuming that it was inserted properly? It's not like this has been a really frequent occurrence, so it it isn't particularly an urgent problem, but I'd like to prevent it from happening again, if possible.
Tags: heavy blood flow, sizes/size issues

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