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I want to try, but...

Alright, I had a friend start using the DivaCup a few years ago.  She loved it and told all of her female friends about it, and I was quite intrigued, as I really hate the "conventional" ways of dealing with your period.  I still haven't figured out how to use pads without leaking and find them highly irritating, but tampons aren't always an option for me.  For some reason, after using tampons for a couple days, my vagina gets really sore and swollen, eventually to the point where I am unable to insert a tampon.  I don't have nearly as much problem with OBs, but there's still some swelling and pain.   I tried Instead cups for a spell two years ago, but found them difficult, uncomfortable and messy, and had a lot of trouble with them leaking.  I may still have one or two lying around, though, and if I do I'll give them another shot since after reading some posts here I may know the problem I was having.

Anyways, I guess the biggest thing deterring me from trying a reusable cup has been fear of having this problem again.  I'm not too worried about since I think it was because of the absorbency of tampons, but I wanted to see if anyone else has this problem before investing.  Of course I'm trying to figure out what road to take when it comes to brand, but those questions seem to be getting answered quite adequately elsewhere.

By the way, I'm 20, not a virgin, and I live in the US (which as I'm seeing limits my options somewhat).

Thanks all :)
Tags: buying decisions, tampons
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