Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Dream

Phew, what a weird dream just before I woke up this morning.  I dreamed I'd been arrested and was in one of those holding cells you see on TV with a dozen others and a toilet plunked along the wall... no walls, no curtains, no privacy, no nothing.  Not only did I have to go but I had to empty my cup in the dream.  I was relieved to have such an item in the dream instead of having to ask the guard for a disposable -- and now that I'm awake (and slogging though my first cup of coffee) I'm still thankful that cups actually exist and that I use them.  Funny, even in the dream the reactions of my cell-mates were realistic.  A few huddled together muttering, "Nasty!" but I could tell that the majority were intrigued -- whether they asked me about it or not.  :o)

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