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Soon-to-be first time cup user, help please. :)

Hello :) I'm Lauren, and I've been wanting to use cups for a very long while.  I've never liked pads, and tampons aren't much better, so I'm excited to see how much better having periods can be.  Some background info on me: I'm 16 and a virgin.

I've been looking around at brands, sizes, prices, etc. and I think that I want a LadyCup.  At first it was between the LC and the Lunette, but the comfort of the LC/not being able to really feel it, is what truly appealed to me.  Now, I know that there is a steep learning curve that goes along with cups, and I've read that the LC can be harder to remove because of the soft silicone squishiness, but I'm prepared to spend some (a lot) of time practicing with this thing.  It's GOING to work, lol.  And I'm pretty well aware of my internal anatomy, I'd say.  I just don't want to get a firmer cup that's *less* comfortable than a softer cup, you know?  Because I'm sure they ALL take time to learn, not just the soft ones... :)  Optimal comfort is very important to me.

I'd appreciate if you ladies would let me know what you think about a young beginner getting the LadyCup as a first cup.  Is it feasible or just improbable that it would work?  I really am leaning toward the LadyCup, I think it's one of those "intuition" things.  Who knows.

My second question is about sizes.  The LC wesite says that a person who is my age and who is a virgin should get a small.  After reviewing the handy size charts, though, I'm not sure that's what I want.  Some of the appeal of using cups is the convenience of not having to empty it all the time, and the small LadyCup's capacity is quite small.  And my flow isn't exactly light.  It's not super duper heavy, but not light, either.  So, I was thinking that I'd want a large LC...?  My vagina is...well...slim, being young and a virgin and all, but I can get tampons...etc. in and out just fine. (TMI maybe, but...I can fit three fingers comfortably)  And when I first started looking at cups, I was considering the small Diva, which is the about the same size as a large LadyCup, right?  (In case anyone was wondering...I know that LC offers a double mix pack with both a small and a large, but I cannot afford that right now. :) )

My third question is more about the cervix.  Just out of curiosity...would that frequent suction in the vagina cause the cervix to eventually be sucked slightly downwards?  Or cause any kind of injury in there?

Thanks *a bunch* in advance!
Tags: age, first time use, lady cup, sizes/size issues
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