lutyalapo (lutyalapo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Current cheapest price for Diva Cup

I like to try to keep up on the cheapest price on the diva cup because it seems to fluctuate quite a bit.  The cheapest I can find is still at when using the coupon code: KIN087 for $5 off your first order of any amount.*

The total cost including shipping is $21.20 to the US (ranging from $22.70 to $23.70 internationally).  That is after the coupon code and including shipping.

The second cheapest place to buy is South Coast Shopping which, with shipping to the US, is $23.99.

Also, if you order other stuff at iherb (they carry all kinds of natural brands for health care, beauty, etc) they have $4 domestic flat rate shipping
; and free over $60.

*I receive a 4% iherb credit when you use my code so thank you if you do!
Tags: divacup, where to buy

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