Sarah (1girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Insteads *headdesk*

So I have a Diva cup & used to have a LadyCup and I've never had problems with inserting either one; in fact I find them to be just as easy to insert as tampons.

Anyway, this weekend I bought a box of Insteads because I was at my parents' house for the weekend and forgot my Diva at home.  I feel kind of dumb, but I don't *get* them at all.  How do you get them in right?  Can someone give me step by step instructions that are more detailed than the couple of pictures on the box?  I feel like the rim is too big.  I'm not sure how to best describe this, but I'm sort of putting the rim in vertically and then trying to turn it so it sits horizontally.  Is that right?  Hahahaha...I feel like I'm rummaging around in my vagina when I try to put one in.  

When I got back home (ended up having to use some old tampons I found in the medicine cabinet), I felt like hugging my Diva.  I still want to master these Insteads though, mostly because I'm stubborn.
Tags: insertion, instead

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