laurette84 (laurette84) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cheapest cup? What should I buy?

I have been wanting to buy a cup since I was PP with my DD who is now 8 months old.  I am one of the unfortunate ones who didn't get a break from AF despite breastfeeding...

Anyway, I purchased some Insteads since my cycle started last night and I think they are going to work out allright but I still want a cup.  I think I have a short canal because I can reach my cervix very eaisly.  Would the Diva be too long for me?  How can you tell which cup would be the best fit?  I like the look of the lady cup and would love a purple cup, how cool!  are they shorter?

My period usually lasts 5 days: light, medium, medium heavy, medium, light.  And then two days of spotting/brown discharge.  I concider my flow to be not heavy at all.  Although on my medium heavy and sometimes medium nights I use a super plus tampon. 

Also, where should I look to find the best deals?  I would also like to get one before my period ends to try out but I doubt that will hapen.

One more question, do the ridges on the cups bother anyone?  I cant stand ribbed condoms so I am thinking I would have a problem with the ridges that are present on some cups.
Tags: buying decisions

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