alice_confetti (alice_confetti) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking problems

Hi, everyone,

I bought a size B (the smaller size) Keeper Mooncup a few months ago and have used it for three periods. When I bought it, the only menstrual cups I knew of were the Keeper brand and the Diva cup (I wish I had known of this community sooner to know about all the other possibilities!). I like using a menstrual cup a lot - it makes my period about 100 times better and I wish I had discovered it years ago. However, I still leak quite a bit - especially on my heavy days. I've always had a very heavy flow on my first two days - and on those days, I've been emptying my mooncup every 3 hours and it's always full.

My question is - am I not achieving a "seal" on the cup or do I need a bigger cup? I'm never sure what a "seal" would feel like. The cup always inserts and pops open fine and then I do that thing where you pull it down and rotate it - but I don't think it's ever officially sealed - it seems to move around a bit. I bought the smaller Mooncup a few months ago, but since that time I turned 30 and I think maybe I hit that magic age where your vagina expands or whatever the Keeper people say about it. I want to keep the Mooncup because I like it - so I'm hoping that I'm just not achieving the seal properly?
Tags: keeper moon cup, leakage & spotting

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