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Here goes. I used a small Diva for 2 cycles before I got pregnant with my second. During the pregnancy I bought two large trial LadyCups and got a free large Keeper Mooncup from that m'celle (I think) promotion. Most of my experiences are of dry runs but I just got my first PP period yesterday and they are going to be heavy for a while if they are anything like the ones after I had my first.

I don't think that LadyCup is for me. The whole body is wide and it makes it hard to check if the seal is right. The body also indents while inside. I can't tell if the rim does because I can't reach but the body sure does. The Keeper goes in easy and comes out easy enough but the stem pokes me even after I trimmed it a bit. Cups tend to ride high on me so I need a bit of a stem before I can grip the body. I don't have the Diva because I found a new home for it after I got pregnant. It was comfortable but it leaked so I'm not sure if I would have needed a large. I know I have some exploring to do to find out where my cervix is but I do know that my canal is pretty darn long.

I really want to find the right cup for me because I want to wear one for work. I get short breaks and I have to eat or pump during them so I have no time to fiddle with changing a pad if I had to.

Comparing the tabs to the hollow stem, is there much of a difference with removal and poking? I'd like to try a MeLuna with a ring and a Lunette but geeze, money is tight.
Tags: brand comparisons, postpartum

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