melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Miacup Purchase From FeminineWear To USA?

Hey ladies, I’m just curious--  has anyone in the USA recently bought anything from FeminineWear, and about how long did it take for your item to arrive?  Also, does anyone know if they are still stocked up on Miacup?  I checked the site, but didn’t see any references to stock status.  I think I saw someone on here who represents FeminineWear, so hope they see this…


On another note, I have gotten several private messages on YouTube, asking if I am ever going to get a Miacup, and if I do, will I please make a detailed video specifically for that brand.  And I admit, I myself have always wanted one quite badly, and have been very curious. 

So my answer to YouTube cup users is-- yes, and yes.  Very soon, actually.  My husband was in a poker tournament the other day, and won some extra money! So he says he will get me a Miacup now as a belated birthday gift.  I decided that we will be purchasing it from FeminineWear, as that‘s cheaper (assuming they still have it in stock?  Hope?).  

Per specific requests, I will be filming as I order online, and when I receive/open the package.  True, I don’t normally do that, but it sounds like fun, lol.  Any information anybody can give would be very useful.  Thanks in advance.


Tags: buying decisions, miacup, where to buy

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