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Hi Everyone,

I am a new user for the Diva Cup (I have the smaller size of the two) and this cycle is my third using it. The past two cycles everything was great except minor leaking and I pretty much fell in love and tried to convert all my friends haha :).

Anyways I just finished my third cycle with it but this time my vagina felt really irritated about the second time I put the cup it in. Also, it really hurt and was a lot harder to put the cup in (it pretty much felt like my vagina got smaller and was too small to fit the cup). I stuck through with the pain except for night time, when I used a pad. This was my first time using a pad since I got the Diva Cup and I have to admit it kind of felt like a defeat. 

The only difference I can think of from my last cycles is that instead of boiling it right after my period ended, this time I forgot and then rinsed it with really hot water for a couple of minutes at the beginning of my cycle. Do you think this has anything to do with it, as in I might not have killed all the bacteria or something?

Thanks for reading this and I appreciate the help :)

Tags: cleaning, insertion - painful or problems

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