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MeLuna first impressions

I ordered a medium, blue stemless MeLuna on August 27th (Thursday) (order confirmed on August 28th) and received it in Massachusetts on September 2nd (Wednesday). Like a couple of other posters, I too got an additional cup, a small, red ball-stem, in a ziplock bag with "promot" written on it. I'm mid-cycle right now, and am not expecting my period for a couple of weeks.

Now, after having it for over a year, my older sister tried the Moon Cup US that I bought her (and is ambiguous about it, but it's progress), I was thinking it was high time I got the little sis (described by mom as older sis with attitude) who doesn't want a cup. I figured I'd order her a MeLuna if I liked mine, but now I have two already, how lovely.

Anyway, about the small MeLuna, it's really really small. Like how small I was hoping my Diva Cup would be when I ordered one. My Diva could eat the small MeLuna, stem and all if it weren't for the rim. Ditto my MoonCup UK. Ditto even the medium MeLuna. I am a virgin (who has used cups since 2006), and the MeLuna seems too small. Both MeLunas feel like toys, especially the red small one, though I think I'd feel better about them when I use 'em and their cute colors don't help. I don't think that the small Meluna would last very long for catching my blood on heavy days.

So I don't know what to do with the cups. Should I give the free cup to my little sister? Half the selling point of a cup is that you don't have to empty the thing, but she won't get to experience the glory of the hours-long goodness. I don't want her to deal with it in our high school bathrooms. They were special. Then again, a normal sized Diva cup is pretty scary. I couldn't get mine in, hurt myself, gave up, and succeeded eight months later when someone suggested lube, and I had some spare time. The rest was history. I could tell her I'll get her a "real" cup if she bothers with the MeLuna at all (already unlikely). Or should I give my sister the blue stemless medium MeLuna? If I did, I do not think I would use the red MeLuna aside from putting it in for fun on a light day.

I just don't know if I can, in good conscience, give little sis the little MeLuna, as it's not something I would trust for myself. So, small MeLuna users, is this cup tougher than it looks? Would you recommend it?
Tags: meluna, sizes/size issues

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