staceyalberta (staceyalberta) wrote in menstrual_cups,

help with insteads

I'm very excited about using cups & think they are a great idea.  I bought the instead cups to start with.  I'm on my 3rd day of using them.  I have a few questions/concerns & haven't been able to find what I want when I searched so I'll just ask my questions here:

~ I know of one other poster that uses her insteads as if it was reuseable & that's what I plan on doing.  Is there anyone else that does that?  Those that do when/if you boil use between cycles how long are you boiling it for?  Storage between cycles?  how do you handle that? 

~ now the first couple of days i had no issues, but those were my light flow days.  I can have very light months or VERY HEAVY months then there are months i'll have light or heavy  i started off this month light & no problem with the instead, easy to insert, easy to remove, no leaking, but like i said very light flow.  today my flow is heavier & i've noticed some leaking plus i can feel it in there today.  it doesn't hurt, but i feel it there.  i'm inserting it the same way.  any thoughts on what i may be doing wrong?
Tags: cleaning, insertion, instead, leakage & spotting

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