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Is a cup right for me?

Hi everyone,

I've gone through many postings and tried to find the information I'm looking for, but I haven't found a thread yet that would help determine if should I even try using a cup.  (And sorry for the long post.)

Just a note -- I have endometriosis and fibroids.  I've had surgery for both, and have changed my diet and exercise habits to lesson my symptoms, but while I'm pain free now, I still bleed excessively each cycle.

On my heaviest days, I use super or super + tampons along with pads.  Sometimes I can get away with leaving the tampon in for close to two hours.  But if I do, I will still have to go the toilet several times in the second hour to let all the overflow out.  If I didn't, there's no way the pad would catch it all and I'd stain my clothes.  Mainly, I try to limit how much I leave the house and how much activity I do on days like this.

Now, from what I think I understand of the cups, they would hold more than the largest tampon, so I could potentially use one and change it every 2-3 hours instead of nearly every hour for a tampon.  But (and here's my problem) only if there isn't a lot of clotted blood present?  The majority of my flow at all points of my cycle is clots.  I used to think this was normal, and that it was uterine lining, but it's not.  The clots are formed because too much blood is accumulating on the uterine side of the cervix; as it sits there and doesn't come out, it clots.  I guess it's just the way my body works, but I rarely just bleed.  And on very heavy days, I pass clots that look like they could easily fill up at least half of a large cup every half hour to hour.

So, while I would love to be leak free and not have to worry about how far from a bathroom I am when I'm on my cycle, would even the largest cups do me any good?  If anyone else has cycles like mine (lots of regular clotting) and thinks the cups help, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: disabilities & health problems, heavy blood flow

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