jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So, after lurking here for a few months, I just bought my first cup.

It's a (UK) Mooncup, size B, since I'm 21 with no children.  I'm not a virgin, and I do have toys, but it still feels a little large putting it in (I had a little practice earlier - I used the seven fold).  Once in though, I can't really feel it.  I'm not certain if I got the right place exactly, but my period doesn't start for another week or so, so I've got time to just play around with it.  The cup popped open, and the seal seemed to form properly.  I think I've got the hang of breaking the seal, and easing it out seemed to go okay.

I got my mooncup from boots, but, weirdly, it would have been cheaper to buy it from the website directly, even accounting for p&p.  I went in to compare prices between online and off, but I decided to just take the plunge and get one, and pay the extra few quid to have it now.

Any tips?
Tags: dry run

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