The Moaner Lisa (the_moaner_lisa) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Moaner Lisa

yet another cup iud issue.

i've been researching tags, but haven't really found much to exactly the questions i have (this is kinda x-posted with iud-divas)

so... two questions:


my main form of removal is bearing down, since i 80% of the time due to my extremely heavy period have a cup that is in the process of overflowing when i remove it, so all i have to do is bear down and it pops out. would this be like the absolute worst thing to do with an IUD because then i would cause the cup to drag along the strings, or would this be fine since i'm not pulling on anything? anyone else use this form of removal?


i would ideally like to get them trimmed as short as possible to stop them even touching my divacup to avoid expulsion.

has anyone had them trimmed extra-short? was there severe pokage problems by partners? or should i just keep them normal length and be extra super careful with the cup?

thaaaank you! :-D
Tags: iud

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