Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm nearing the end of my eighth period with my Lunette. While I will never love my period, my cup makes my life a thousand times easier. I'm so happy I found this community and ordered my little Lunette.

Now for the issue at hand: normally toward the end of my period, when I take my cup out it's got a mixture of brownish blood and clots and whitish discharge. It's fairly gross, but I've gotten used to it by now - usually the blood and clots stick to the bottom of the cup and the white discharge sort of stays on top of it. (I figure the blood is thicker or heavier or something.)

But for the past two days, I've not got blood or white discharge in my cup. (Normally my period lasts seven days and it's only ever longer, not shorter. I should have it until Friday, minimum.) Instead, my cup is filling up (and I do mean filling) with a transparent, thin, yellow liquid. It smells foul and is sort of freaking me out. (It looks for all the world like I've been peeing into my cup - but it's been up in my vagina so that's not possible.) I have no idea what's going on. Going by past periods, I should still be bleeding red and regularly - but it's all this clear yellow liquid.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

(Even if you don't, I'm worried that this foul smelling stuff is going to make my cup smell foul. Normally, I wipe it down with rubbing alcohol or boil it in the microwave - but is there a tried true way to get the smell out without damaging it?)
Tags: cleaning - smells

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