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What am I doing wrong? (ColorCup Leaking Issues)

Please advise. I'm starting to go bananas over this.

I have a BlueCup. This is my 5th (I think) period using it. I'm 24. I've never given birth in any way.

I can't get my cup to stop leaking. I've mulled over the posts and tried all the tricks I've seen. Nothing seems to help.

*I almost exclusively use the C-Fold.
*The cup is definitely popped open. I can feel the roundness of it all the way around.
*My cervix must be in my cup. I cannot find it anywhere outside my cup and I've searched.
*My cervix seems to be high right now. I can only reach it with my entire middle finger inserted. My finger is 3" long.
*I can twirl the cup inside me like a merry-go-round.
*There is suction. I guess. Upon removal the cup holds on for dear life and then makes a loud suction noise.
*The cup is inserted as far up as I can get it. When in fully the cup is fully concealed. The stem, which is the original length, is just inside my  lips.
*I wipe around the cup when inserted to reduce residual blood.

Leaking only happens when my flow is clotted or mucousy (days 1 & 2).   With only a few drops in the bottom of the cup the holes get clogged with tissue and flow escapes. I always completely clear the holes with every removal but it gets clogged right back up once reinserted.

What am I doing wrong? What should I do? If my cervix is inside the cup how come the entire circumference is getting coated?

I'd really love to be the kind of cup user who doesn't need any kind of backup at all.

Thanks for any and all help.

I hope this is posted in the right place. I'm new. It took me an hour just to find the post button. Sad, I know!

Autumn Rose

Tags: lady cup, leakage & spotting
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